cherry blossoms
Seasonal Events

Spring is that YOU?

After what has honestly felt like the longest winter E V E R, spring is FINALLY here!! Bring on pastel skylines, longer days, stray cat siblings mating incessantly on my roof – I welcome you all! There’s no amount of…

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¥100 Shop Travel

Top 5 ¥100 Shop Travel Items

DAISO Travel Items Haul With the holiday season fast approaching, I’m anxiously counting down the days to my upcoming trip. Only 3 more, to be exact! This means it’s time to begin the dreaded process of packing. Or in my…

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Minoh-San-Ryuanji Minoh Falls

Fall Colors in Japan

It might feel like winter in Tokyo, but here in Osaka there’s still time for fall… if you hurry! When visiting Japan, you can find yourself enjoying the different seasons that the country has to offer. Many are familiar with…

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sento 101

Stripping Down with Strangers

Sento 101  Sento, are like onsens (hot springs) hard working, rough around the edges brother. They come in as many shapes and sizes as their outdoor counterparts and offer the same relaxing experience with none of the journey. Chances are…

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Tennoji’s Hidden Garden

Keitakuen, a Green Oasis in the Heart of the City In the heart of city, tucked away behind the Osaka Municipal Museum of Art, you’ll find the garden oasis – Keitakuen. This incredibly serene and completely unexpected traditional Japanese garden,…

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Futon Daiko

Futon Daiko – Osaka Autumn Festival

When visiting Osaka during the autumn season, be sure to check out the annual futon daiko carrying ceremony held at several autumn festivals! There are two types of ‘portable shrine’ festivals (mikoshi) that represent Osaka; the danjiri and the futon daiko. The main difference…

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Osaru Coffee Osaka

OSARU Coffee – Cafes Osaka

Your new favorite cafe! OSARU Coffee is one of the newest in a stream of coffee houses and cafes popping up over Osaka. Located between Namba OCAT and Naniwa Park, this sweet little corner cafe has brought delicious drip coffee…

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