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Top 5 ¥100 Shop Travel Items

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With the holiday season fast approaching, I’m anxiously counting down the days to my upcoming trip. Only 3 more, to be exact! This means it’s time to begin the dreaded process of packing. Or in my case, packing, unpacking, culling, then just dumping it all into a massive suitcase and squishing it until it zips. Well, not this time! I’ve set myself a limit – one carry-on and one backpack. Only these, to take all that I need for a month in Africa. This is going to require patience, planning and a lot more organization then I’m used to! For patience and planning, I’m pretty sure I’m a lost cause. But for organization, I’ve got DAISO, which if you don’t know already, has great ¥100 travel items! So before your next trip here are my TOP 5 recommendations for tranquil travel:  

Eye Mask

Top 5 ¥100 Shop Travel Items

Will you just take a look at how cute this eye mask is! I swear I spent at least 20 minutes trying to decided which design to buy. Eventually, this little guy won out because he looks so happy and energized – the exact opposite of what I’m expecting to look like after 30 hours of flying.

Storage Bags

Top 5 ¥100 Shop Travel Items

Yeah okay, these are pretty much just ziplock bags but I liked the colors. And for 8 at ¥100, I’m sure I’ll get my moneys worth. Also, one should appreciate these bag’s unexpected poetry:

‘it may be good for putting

important memo, ticket, photo or necessities

it might be useful for travel’

Packing Organizer

Top 5 ¥100 Shop Travel Items

This packing organizer has come in super handy. I’m actually thinking of picking up another one in a different color. The half mesh front makes it easy to see what you’ve packed inside. I’m mainly using mine for socks, unders, and all the other small clothing items that seem to always go missing. I imagine a spare one of these without the mesh front would also be really convenient for storing dirty clothes as well.

Suitcase Belt

¥100 Travel Items

I’ve never actually used a suitcase belt before but I figure it can’t hurt. My bag happens to be baby blue and has a crazy design so I’m pretty sure no one’s going to accidentally walk off with it. But if you have a standard black or blue bag this might come in super handy for helping identify which bag is yours.

 Smartphone Tripod Stand

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Although the smartphone tripod doesn’t really help with organization, it does help take some cool pics. I bought one about a month ago and have been using it all the time to take time lapse movies. I picked up an extra one to give to my sister when we meet on this trip.

So there you have it, 5 ¥100 travel items  to help keep you and your suitcase organized the next time you travel. If you have any other tips, tricks, or useful items, I’d love to read them in the comments section below.