At the Top of Japan’s Tallest Building


Up high, in Osaka’s newest landmark, HARUKAS 300, I realize this city is never more beautiful than at night. It’s at this time that the city takes on a new life; buildings glow, signals sparkle and traffic flows in beams of light. All of this can be seen from this glassed-in observatory deck. Standing 300 meters off of the ground, it offers visitors stunning panoramic views. The building is part of a department store, so visitors can drop by the deck after a shop in the bottom floors. Harukas is an old term meaning “to clear one’s heart from troubles” and as the name suggests, the observatory deck is a very peaceful place.

abeno harukas

In hopes of catching the sunset from the deck, I arrived at ABENO HARUKAS at around 4:30pm. I was expecting a huge crowd, similar to Umeda Sky Building, but  it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be! (Maybe because it was on a weeknight?) I went up to the 16 floor first, to purchase my entrance ticket. There were no lines for both the ticket counter and the elevator; so up I went 60 floors. The indoor glassed-in deck lets you see in 360 degrees of Kyoto, Kobe, and Osaka.

Abeno Harukas Observatory Ticket

abeno harukas top

see through



Even with the clouds, I felt like it added an extra fiery spice to the sunset. The two pictures below were taken as the sun was setting and when night had fallen over Osaka. On this day, which was the last week of November, the sun fully set at around 5:30pm.


Sun Set

Night Fall at Harukas 300


Good to Know

Other viewing areas are available and if you want a quiet, relaxing place, I highly recommend going to the 58th floor, where they have the cafe dining bar area and the Sky Garden. They have a special pine ame (pineapple candy) soft-serve ice cream that hit the spot after a great photo sesh.


pineapple icecream


I also suggest going to the ‘Sky Garden’ which is located in the center of the 58th floor. Here, there were beanbag chairs where you could sit side by side (preferably with a loved one) and watch the sunset or the glistening night lights of the city.

I didn’t opt for this option, but there was also a tour that let you go up to the rooftop for an extra ¥500. They only allow few at a time, which means a lot of space for yourself to take pictures!

For more information on HARUKAS 300, click here for their official English website!


Admission Fee

∗ Don’t forget to use your Amazing Pass for a discount (Read about the amazing pass here!)

Individual Tickets:

Adults (18 and over) ¥1,500

Middle School Students (12-17 years old) ¥1,200

Elementary School Students (6-11 years old) ¥700

Young Children (4 – 5 years old) ¥500

Free admission for children under the age of 3

Group Admission of 15 or more:

Adults (18 and over) ¥1,350

Middle School Students (12-17 years old) ¥1,080

Elementary School  (6-11 years old) ¥630

Young Children (4 – 5 years old) ¥450

School Group Admission:

Adult (18 and over) ¥1,200

High School Students ¥960

Junior High School Students ¥840

Elementary School  (6-11 years old) ¥560

Young Children (4 – 5 years old) ¥400

Business Hours

9am – 10pm (open all year)

Check the official website for any changes.



Tennoji Station or Osaka-Abenobashi Station