Minoh-San-Ryuanji Minoh Falls

Fall Colors in Japan

It might feel like winter in Tokyo, but here in Osaka there’s still time for fall… if you hurry!

When visiting Japan, you can find yourself enjoying the different seasons that the country has to offer. Many are familiar with cherry-blossom viewing in the spring-time, but did you know that the next best season to visit is in autumn? Autumn is a special time of year for Japanese people; they enjoy ko-yo which means ‘watching the leaves change to red’. There are many famous places with great spots to go see ko-yo all around Japan. A famous location for viewing autumn leaves in Osaka is at Minoh Falls and just the other day, I went with my mom to enjoy the last of the autumn-colored maple leaves.

Minoh Falls

Minoh Falls Hiking

Most of the leaves had fallen from the trees, but there were still some red and orange foliage to admire.

Minoh Falls during Autumn

Minoh Falls

Every year, there are many tourists visiting the waterfall to take in the beautiful shades of the autumn leaves. There was a huge crowd, and the day I went was pretty cloudy and gloomy. Though, just as we were taking pictures, the sun came out revealing a rainbow near the bottom of the waterfall.

Minoh Falls

Minoh-San-Ryuanji Temple

On our way down from the waterfall, we stopped by the temple that’s located near the entrance of the park. A very interesting fact is that the temple is known to bring good fortune to visitors because it is the birthplace of the lottery.

Ryuanji Torii

Minoh-San-Ryuanji Minoh Falls

Also, before leaving the park, don’t forget to buy Minoh’s traditional momiji– ‘maple leaf’ tempura! It’s a specialty snack that you can only buy in Minoh Park. They actually use the leaves around the park- but don’t worry, they hand pick the good ones and pack them in salt for a year to remove bitterness/starch before deep-frying them. The tempura range in price but start from around ¥300 (for 60g). I apologize that I’m not so good at giving taste reviews but the momiji tempura have a slight sweet taste! ∗The packaging says that the treat is good for a whole month, but I advise visitors eating them whilst at the park because the tempura can get a bit oily.∗

Momiji tempura


Approx. 400m North of Minoh Station (Hankyu Line)

You can also take the bus from Senri-chuo Station to Minoh Station