X'mas USJ

Celebrate Christmas at Universal Studio’s Japan

November 11th 2016 – January 9th 2017

Another magical time at USJ comes after Halloween!

From November 11th to January 9th, USJ transforms into a winter wonderland- minus the snow. Limited-time holiday decorations, foods, and shows will warm your spirit as part of the “Universal Wonder Christmas” event.

Holiday Decorations

Another popular time of year at the USJ parks is during Christmas time; decked with Christmas decorations and music. Of course, that’s not the only reason why people visit; it’s the ginormous Christmas tree that attracts the crowd.

USJ Christmas tree


This huge Christmas tree is 30 meters tall and has been listed in the Guinness World Records for the last 5 consecutive years as having the “most lights on an artificial tree”.  Sadly, this is its last year, so don’t forget to snap some pictures with it.

*This tree is located between ‘Terminator 3D’ and ‘Spiderman The Ride’.

The tree looks stunning during the day, but wait until night falls, I can guarantee you that you will be mesmerized with how 550 thousand illuminating lights on the tree can light up the night.
USJ Christmas


As part of “Universal Wonder Christmas”, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter area will also be wrapped up in holiday decor; in addition with a magical Christmas tree. (November 18th – January 9th)
USJ hogwarts night


There are limited-time-only food carts at the REBOOOOOORN Market filled with delicious looking Christmas goodies. They also sell Christmas foods at regular restaurants as well; I ate a pastrami beef mozzarella cheese hot sandwich at the Beverly Hills Boulangerie and it was delicious!  In addition, the Harry Potter World area sell hot butter beer. (I personally do not favor the regular and hot version of Butter Beer because it’s too sweet! I highly recommend drinking it in the summer time when they have the frozen slushy version with less sweetness to it.)


The Shows

During the day, there are R& B carolers and a show where Santa Claus sings and dances with the crowd. While these are fun for families, at night couples and older visitors can enjoy a romantic show with projection mapping, singing, and dancing. Depending on the days you go on, they have the 20-minute show twice or once a day. They are the same content, just shown at different times. Also, they might cancel or shorten the show depending on the weather. (Second time I went, it was raining so the show was only 10 minutes.)


For viewing, you can buy special seats starting at ¥1,000 per person at the ticket booth, or at Stage 14 before the show (if there are seats left over). Except, there are plenty of viewing spaces, so I’d rather not waste ¥1,000 on seats. (Hey, but that’s just me.) If you do choose to save money and find your own spots, you will need to be around the Terminator area at least 30 minutes before the show begins. Many people wait for more than an hour to find the best seats up in the front but you can have almost the same experience from a distance.

I went twice in the past few days and the best viewing area is on the other side of Mel’s Drive-In. At this spot, you can see the whole building plus the big Christmas tree. (Picture below)


X'mas USJ


Another great viewing spot is right next to the Terminator 3D attraction entrance. (Picture below) This spot, you can see more of the tree and less of the projection mapping, so if you want to enjoy the main stage, I advise the spot near Mel’s Drive-In.




That’s it for the highlights of Universal Studios Japan during the holidays!




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