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Universal Studios Japan Osaka – Halloween Horror Night

Enjoy zombies, horror mazes and special attractions at Universal Studios Japan’s Halloween Horror Night.

Universal Studios Japan (a.k.a USJ) has a lot of fun attractions for their visitors all year round; including their annual Halloween Horror Night. On a side note, in celebration of their 15th anniversary; this year, USJ has “re-boooooooorn” and have revamped their entertainment quality.


This year, the Halloween event was held from Sept. 9th ~ Nov. 6th; and there were 9 horror themes. It took some persuasion by one of my friends, and a little forcefulness through the entrance, but shockingly I lived through the experience, and even survived the zombie apocalypse (I even managed to buy myself an annual pass; so expect a lot of USJ posts in the future!). I went on Culture Day (November 3rd), so many of the Halloween attractions were over, but they still had the walking zombie area and there were many people dressed up in Halloween attire. *A little bit of a disclaimer, I am a huge scaredy-cat. Yes, I basically want to avoid anything that has to do with horror or haunted;  so horror films, horror stories, and haunted houses are not for me. So, you can imagine, how terrified I was when all of the lights dimmed and the entertainment started. (Thankfully, I have a great friend, that let me hold onto her arms and tolerated my continuous shouting. Thank you!)


This Year’s Halloween Attractions

• Street Zombies

• Tatari – cursed dolls (Walk-through)

• A Nightmare on Elm Street (Walk-through)

• Gakko no Kaidan-Haunted School (Walk-through – Back Draft)

• Trauma: The Experimental Hospital Ward of Horror (Walk-through)

• Chucky’s Horror Factory 3 (Walk-through)

• The Exorcist (Walk-through)

• Sadako : The Cursed Attraction (Theater Show – Terminator)

• The Death Eater’s Attack (Show in Harry Potter World)


Zombie Tank


Even though I was only able to see the street zombies, and ride on a couple of rides, I enjoyed walking around the park seeing Halloween decorations. Although I missed out on a lot of great stuff this year, I’m slowly building up my tolerance for horror, so next year, expect me to post about my experience in a haunted house! Bring it on, Halloween 2017!!

Harley Quinn Costume USJ Osaka


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To the entrance of the park, approximately 5 min walk from Universal City Station

You can check out the train routes from here