Making Original Notebooks at Emoji – Experience Osaka

Say goodbye to mass production with Emoji’s create-your-own-notebook service!

With beautiful natural textures, a vast array of colors and designs, and an amazing production history, it’s easy to see why Japan is a stationary lover’s paradise. I personally love exploring Osaka’s stationary shops and am happy to see them being kept alive in a time where many other specialized shops have disappeared. One such shop that is keeping this craft alive is Emoji. Located off of the Karahori Shopping Street in Tanimachi 6 chome, this little two floor space houses an amazing selection of paper, greeting cards, letter sets and more.  


Today I’ve come to Emoji to check out their new make your-own-notebook service. Starting from around ¥ 1,000 customers are given the unique opportunity to bring out their inner designer. The process begins with shoppers choosing the size of their desired notebooks. They currently have an A5 and a B4 option. After deciding on a size customers get to pick out a front and back cover from dozens of unique designs. This is where the fun begins!


I think I must have changed my mind some 20 odd times before finally deciding on a black and white frog and hare motif for the front and gold cork for the back. From here, customers get to pick out the inner pages (up to 4 packs). I went for a mix of lined and unlined pages in various earthy hues. They also had monthly and weekly calendar page packs available for those wanting to make a personalized schedule planner. As the notebooks start to come together, customers make the final choices about binding options, closures and spiral binding color.


With all of my selections made it was time to put it all together. On my visit, Emoji staff were kind enough to let me punch all of my own paper and use the binding machine to close it. This option may not be available when the shop is busy. In this case, the friendly Emoji staff will take over the assembly step and have the finished product ready in just 10 to 15 minutes. 


If you love stationery, and are tired of seeing the same old mass-produced stuff at every chain shop, Emoji is a shop you need to check out!


Wednesday – Sunday: 12pm – 7pm

Monday, Tuesday: CLOSED


Tel: 06-4392-7972

For more information about Emoji, you can visit their Facebook page here and their official website here.