Usagi Yurutto Cafe

Kanahei’s Yurutto Cafe – Popular Character Cafe

Kanahei’s Yurutto Character Cafe

The cute and popular character; Piske (chick) and Usagi (bunny) created by Kanahei, has taken over the Shinsaibashi-suji shopping arcade. THE GUEST Cafe and Diner collaborated with Kanahei to make a limited-time only shop and named it Kanahei’s Yurutto Cafe (Kanahei’s ‘Easy-Going’ Cafe). The cafe is located on the second floor of Shinsaibashi 161’s candy shop inside the Shinsaibashi-suji shotengai until November 28th.


Kanahei's Yurutto Cafe Entrance


Kanahei is an artist that has become big in Japan over the past few years. Her creations are especially popular among younger crowds who favor the two characters’ ‘loose’ facial features. Piske and Usagi made their first appearance on the LINE app.

*LINE is a free phone/messaging app with similar to functions to WhatsApp, and is currently the biggest messaging platform in Japan. You can purchase stickers/stamps (emoji with words) within the app and many up-and-coming artists posts their creations in hopes of being discovered; Kanahei was one of these artists.*

Since then, Kanahei’s creations have been appearing almost everywhere and have even collaborated with other major characters, like Disney!


So, to celebrate this great success, it’s only fair that the character have been given their very own cafe. Introducing… Chef Piske and Server Usagi!!

Kanahei's Yurutto Cafe

*If you haven’t noticed the small memo at the bottom of the statue, it warns customers “not to touch” but of course, I couldn’t contain my excitement in all the cuteness, and I just went ahead ignoring the sign and put my arms around them anyways. (Whoops!)*


Kanahei's Yurutto Cafe Interior
The Seats
Kanahei's Yurutto Cafe Counter Seats

If you’re traveling solo (or your friend would rather go shopping in the shotengai), there are also counter seats available with a few Piske and Usagi dolls for company.


The Menu

I was very surprised at the order system this cafe; the staff must take all of the party’s orders prior to seating you. I went with my colleagues and we all took a good 15 minutes before choosing our meals.


What we ate

If you’re after a hearty lunch, I highly recommend the onigiri (rice-ball) plate.  ¥1,680Kanahei's Yurutto Cafe onigiri

Another colleague and I ordered this plate. The platter has a couple of side dishes; deep fried calamari, soup with rice noodles and potato salad with small chunks of apples. YUM! The rice ball (without the seaweed) has beef that’s been simmered in sweet soy-sauce inside and the rice ball (with seaweed) was filled with plain ume (Japanese plum). Both my colleague and I were unable to finish our ume rice balls, so if you’re really hungry, the onigiri lunch plate might be your best option.


Another dish that was available for lunch was the 100% beef hamburger plate. ¥1,680


This had the same sides as the onigiri plate and I was told that this too, was very filling.


Of course, the cafe doesn’t only serve hearty meals, if you have a sweet tooth or are looking for dessert, try their pancake plate! Pancake plate (with mug) ¥1,680 (without) ¥1,280




Good To Know

Phone reservations are currently unavailable.

You’ll be given a menu at the entrance and will be seated AFTER ordering your food.

I wasn’t able to introduce all of the food on the menu, but you could choose from food, dessert, sides, drinks and alcohol! (non-alcoholic versions are also available.)

The dishes on the food menu are very filling so I advise visitors to choose wisely; because doggy bag services are unavailable.



Shinsaibashi 161

Chuo-ku, 1-6-1 Shinsaibashisuji, Shinsaibashi 161 2F,  Osaka