Sento - Osaka, Namba

Sento in Namba, Osaka – Taiheinoyu

Time for a good soak!

As we head into fall and the temperature begins to drop, I find myself daydreaming about Japanese bath houses – sento. Granted, I frequent sento weekly no matter the weather, but my love for these relaxing spaces is definitely taken to the next level when I need thawing out on a cold autumn evening. Living in Namba, I’m lucky to have so many baths at my finger tips. One in particular, which Candice turned me on to recently, is quickly becoming my go-to. 

Taiheinoyu, only a stones throw from Zepp Namba and a 5 minute from Namba Parks, is super central and surprising not crowded. Located in a two story arcade complex it’s nearly impossible to miss the big wood-slatted building with the large sign on the side.


That being said, it took me longer than I would like to admit to figure out how to actually get inside once I was at the building. But after a slight detour and a lap around the arcade I eventually found the elevator and staircase that led to the second floor entry.

Sento - Osaka, Namba



As you pass through the automatic doors to enter Taiheinoyu, you’ll first come to the shoe room. Here, you’ll need to take off your shoes and store them in the lockers. In order to lock the lockers you’ll need to insert a ¥100 coin (this is returned to you when you leave). If you are short on change there is a coin machine on the back wall that you can break bills at. After locking away your shoes, you’ll head to the entry lobby. On your right you will see some ticket machines. You’ll buy your entry ticket as well as your rental towel from here.

Sento - Osaka, Namba

Unfortunately, the ticket machines are only in Japanese but a quick nod and a look of confusion directed at the staff is all it takes to bring over some assistance. After purchasing your ticket or tickets (depending on wether you rent a towel or choose to other services), you’ll hand them over to the front desk staff. As you walk toward the actual bath entrance you’ll see a few options for food as well as several lounge areas to relax in post-bath.


Enter the bath area through the colored curtains. The curtains are clearly marked male and female so you can easily avoid any confusion and embarrassment from walking into the wrong side.

Once inside, you’ll find more coin lockers for your belongings and just like the shoe lockers, you’ll need a ¥100 coin to lock them. From here, follow the usual sento rules and shower completely before entering any of the baths. A cute illustrated sign inside highlights some of the other points to be aware of when using the sento. Taiheinoyu has a variety of baths both indoor and outdoor. I highly recommend the outdoor flower and herb bath. It will leave your skin feeling amazing!

In addition to their sento, Taiheinoyu also has hot stone rooms for even more relaxation. These rooms require clothing, so they’re ideal for those who aren’t comfortable being in the buff around strangers. Tickets for these rooms as well as clothing to wear inside them can be purchased for an additional fee at the same entry ticket machine.

Admission & Hours

Open from 8am – 1am (Last entry for the baths 12pm, Last entry for stone rooms 11pm)

Adults Baths ¥800 Stone Rooms ¥800

Children Baths ¥400 Stone Rooms ¥400

Rental Towel Set ¥150

Good To Know

The facility is cash only.

Taiheinoyu like many other sento in Japan prohibits visitors with Tattoos from entering.

For more on information about Taiheinoyu you can visit there website here.