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Get me to Namba!

After a long haul flight, there is no greater feeling then finally leaving the airport and beginning your holiday! Depending on the airport this can sometimes be a grueling process. Luckily, as far as airports go, Kansai International Airport (KIX), is one of the easiest to navigate. With most signs in English, knowledgeable and friendly staff and a well organized international arrivals and customs department, the airport is a pretty speedy process.


… So now you’ve exited, where to next? From KIX there are several ways into central Osaka but the two easiest are by train or by bus. While both have their merits, when I’m heading from the airport to Namba or vice versa I always take the bus. Why? Well, first off the tickets are a bit cheaper then the train- especially if you are making a round trip (there’s a 14 day limit). Also, unlike the train, I like how it’s less of a hassle to haul my suitcase; as I know it’s safely stored under the bus and will be returned upon arrival. The last selling point for me is its convenience, drop-off directly at Departures makes check-in a breeze. So if you’re heading to Namba and the bus seems like the best option for you, hopefully this step-by-step guide will help get your trip off on the right foot!

  • After picking up your luggage and making your way through customs, you will be leaving out of International Arrivals.
  • The exit will lead you to the main hall of the airport; which is on the 1st floor.
  • From here, you will see signs indicating the way to the buses.
  • The buses are on the same floor (1st) and are located outside directly in front of the International Arrivals exit.
  • Once outside, you will see several numbered bus platforms and a ticket machine to buy the bus tickets.img_9822-3
  • The bus bound for Namba OCAT is the number 11 bus. You will find a full list of the bus times here.
  • Ticket machines have language options in English, which are written below the Japanese. You have the choice of a one-way ticket, one-day round trip ticket and a round trip ticket. *Please note that the round trip ticket needs to be used within 14 days of purchase.KIX to Namba OCAT bus
  • Insert money into the machine and make your travel selection. It’s worth noting that the ticket machines only take cash.KIX to Namba OCAT Bus
  • After receiving your ticket head to the numbered bus platform and give your ticket to the driver.KIX to Namba OCAT busBus staff will take your luggage and give out numbered tag that will be needed upon retrieving your bags when arriving at your destination.KIX to Namba OCAT Bus
  • The bus from KIX to Namba takes around 45 minutes. Of course there is the possibility of traffic delays, though in the countless times I’ve taken the bus I’ve never had a problem.
  • Once arriving at Namba OCAT, staff will unload and return your luggage. To exit the OCAT building, head down to the first floor with the nearest escalators.
  • Namba OCAT have coin lockers available, should you wish to store your luggage there, otherwise you can make your way directly with your bags.
  • Enjoy Namba!

Returning to KIX

When you return back to the airport from Namba OCAT, the buses depart in the same area where they originally drop you off. The bus bound for Kansai Airport will depart at door number 5. For purchasing tickets, ticket machines, as well as the staffed ticket counter are located next to the buses.img_9835Namba OCAT to KIX bus