Shinmachi Awaza Circus – Osaka Event

Shinmachi Kita & Shinawaza Park Event

On Saturday, we went to the Shinmachi Awaza Circus with Adrienne’s Australian friend, Kellie; who we invited to accompany us on our mission to find restaurants and learn more about the west ward of Osaka City.


Kellie and Candice


We all met up at the main venue of the event, Shinmachi Kita Park, located just in front of Orix Theater at 11am. When we got there, there weren’t many people and some tents were still being set-up so we decided to have ‘brekkie’ and our morning coffee-fix at one of the food tents. We all bought muffins -Kellie and I got pumpkin while Adrienne opted for banana- from the LION KITCHEN and a nice, warm coffee at the KUROIMAJO tent. (Adrienne and Kellie gave the coffee a huge thumbs up!)

This event took place over at two parks so after breakfast and checking out all of the stalls of the first, we decided to head over to Shinawaza Park a few blocks away to check out what was happening there. After arriving at Shinawaza Park, I figured that parks were divided to have the Shinmachi Kita Park focus on pleasing younger crowds. Complete with arts and crafts, picture book reading and a goat, yes goat performance children were running around with smiles ear to ear! And to keep those smiles in healthy there was even a free dentist consultation booth for kids!

The Shinawaza Park was a bit smaller by comparison, and had lace themed decorations all around the park which made it look a bit more mature and gave it a little bit of a vintage feel.


lace cage

Decoration at Shin Awaza Park


I also give props to the Shinawaza Park, for having a greater variety of food (actual hearty food, not just finger food and snacks) and a great sound system!

All in all, though it’s relatively small the Shinmachi Awaza Circus is a great way for families to spend on Saturday, and an inviting event for locals wanting to learn more about their area.


fire show

Of course, a circus isn’t complete without a fire performance.

I’ll definitely be going again next year! Hope to see you there!

Shinmachi Awaza Circus



〒550-0013, 1 Chome 17-1

Shinmachi, Nishi Ward, Osaka, Osaka