Cante Grande Curry Plate

Cante Grande – Indian Curry in Osaka

I’ll start with a little disclaimer: I’m not a fan of spicy foods. So, when Adrienne suggested taking me to Cante Grande after our exploration of Utsubo Koen, I wanted to make a run for it. To my surprise, I found myself loving this place, not only because of the warm atmosphere, but mainly for their not-too-spicy curry dishes! Of course, I have not been to many Indian curry restaurants, but I have tried a few other places prior to visiting this one, so I think that qualifies me enough to give my two cents.

Cante Grande is an Indian restaurant that serves delicious curry, chapati flatbread and signature chai drinks. They have 8 locations in total, across the city of Osaka. Adrienne and I went to the location near the entrance of Utsubo Koen; if you would like to learn more about the park, read about it here. You won’t be able to miss the restaurant with its peach colored brick exterior it stands out easily from the surrounding apartments. The interior design of the restaurant is also uniquely presented with walls imported from India the dining-in experience makes you feel as if you are in another country altogether. The food here is delicious, the chapati flatbread was crispy and the curry was thankfully not as spicy as I was braced for. If you’re in the area, I definitely recommend stopping in, enjoying the view of the park and getting a fix of Indian spice.




11am – 10pm (Last order is at 9:15pm)


What We Ate

We both tried the lunch set where you can choose two flavors of curry with a salad and one drink for ¥1,300. I ordered spinach and chicken curry with Ceylon tea and Adrienne ordered shrimp and chicken curry with chai tea. As I’ve explained, I have a low tolerance for spice, but the combo I ordered had the perfect amount of seasoning for me. The spinach curry had no spice at all and the chicken was mildly spicy but not too over the top. I tried Adrienne’s shrimp curry and that was a bit too spicy for me. My only regret is not trying the chai tea.



The Utsubo Koen Shop is a 9 minute walk northeast from Honmachi Station (Subway Chuo Line/ Yotsubashi Line) and a 13 minute walk west from Awaza Station (Subway Chu-o Line).

Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Nishi-ku, Utsubohonmachi 1-9-23 Fuhakukaikan 1F

+81 6 6445 3955