Standard Bookstore Osaka

Standard Bookstore – Osaka’s Best books & more!

Not your ‘Standard’ bookstore!

Filled with art, culture, fashion, and lifestyle books and magazines there is something for everyone at each of their three Osaka locations; Abeno, Chayamachi and Shinsaibashi. There is however, one thing you won’t find at Standard and that’s a best seller. This is such a point of pride for the company that they even use it as their slogan, ‘A bookshop that doesn’t sell best sellers’. So, if you’re after the latest Nicholas Spark’s love story, you’ll need to head elsewhere but if you fancy spending time perusing limited edition photo collections, handmade local zines and rare international magazines then this is the shop for you!

Standard Bookstore Osaka

Another huge draw to Standard is their welcoming attitude toward book ‘sampling’. I personally can’t stand a taped-up magazine or a bounded up book. I want to look before I buy. At the Shinsaibashi store, customers are encouraged to do just that. The basement cafe welcomes patrons to bring in the books they like and have a flip-through over a cup of coffee (please note that there are a few restrictions to this and books are marked accordingly).

Standard Bookstore Osaka

In addition to the cafe, the basement of the Shinsaibashi store is a treasure trove stocked with unique stationary, handmade accessories, new and vintage housewares, clothing and more. This is always the first place I head when I need to get presents for all the hard-to-shop for people in my life. To date, I’ve always managed to find the perfect gift and more often than not have ended up purchasing a little something for myself as well. I have no self-control when it comes to art books and coffee, so if you’re looking for me on a Sunday you’ll most likely and find me partaking in both at Standard. Hope to see you there!


Monday – Sunday

11am – 10:30pm

Good To Know

Standard Bookstore does not have free wi-fi.

As I mentioned above, customers are allowed to take books into the cafe with them unless otherwise marked. If you are unsure about your book the friendly staff will help you out. 

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NLC Kurisuta Gurando Building 1F BF, 2-2-12, Nishi-shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 〒542-0086