Minoh Falls at Minoh Park

Minoh Falls – Osaka’s Best Parks

If you’re looking to escape a hot and humid Osaka this summer, but lack the time and budget to go far, then a quick trip north to Minoh is all you need. In just 30 minutes from the city, you could be dipping your feet into the cooling stream of the Minoh waterfall, Minoh no Taki. The park welcomes visitors of all ages; from early morning joggers and elderly hikers, to kids on the hunt for crawly critters (check out our previous post about Minoh’s Insect Museum here).

Not only is Minoh Park famous for its waterfall and hiking course, but it also boasts some of the most stunning maple leaves around. During the fall season (from mid-November to the beginning of December – depending on weather), the surrounding area is filled with such beautiful red maple leaves that they have become the symbol of the park. Tourists can find shops selling momiji manju (maple leaf-shaped rice cakes) and momiji tempura (deep-fried maple leaves) along the trails up to the waterfall. But as you munch away, be aware that there might be some creature eyeing your food from afar. Monkeys are well-known nuisances at Minoh Park and there are many caution signs asking visitors to be careful and not to “share” food with these wild animals.




If you’ve worked up a good sweat from strolling through the park, stop by Spa Garden, which is an onsen located between the waterfall and train station. I still haven’t gone there yet, I’m not much of an onsen fan to be honest, but Adrienne is and has been up to Spa Garden a few times. You can read her review here. Onsen are said to be an effective cure for many ailments, so visitors coming from long hikes on the trails around Minoh may thoroughly enjoy a refreshing and muscle soothing bath. 





Good to Know

The Park’s Official Name is Meiji no Mori Minoh Quasi Park.

There are public restrooms along the trails but they aren’t the cleanest.

Bring water/sports drinks because you will be walking for about an hour to get around the whole park. Of course, there are vending machines and a small rest stop area but during peak tourist season supplies may run out.

Vehicles are not allowed inside the park, but there are some coin parking lots near the station.

Smoking and anything to do with fire inside the park is prohibited. (Sadly, no BBQs)

Don’t feed the monkeys, as doing so will result in a fine.

It takes approximately 45 – 50 mins to walk the trail from the station to the waterfall.

Shops along the trail to the waterfall close early, so if you find something you like it’s best to buy it before-hand or visit the park at an earlier time.



Approx. 400m north of Minoh Station (Hankyu Line)

Bus from Senrichuo Station to Minoh Station