Abanico – Amemura Cafe

Located just on the corner of Amemura’s bustling Triangle Park, you’ll find a cozy little cafe called Abanico. Most famous for its homemade cheesecake, which pairs ever so nicely with a creamy chai, Abanico almost feels slightly out of place amidst the loudness of the area that surrounds it. This makes it the perfect pit stop when you need to recharge for lunch, tea or dinner before bounding back into the vibrant Amemura streets. Lunch sets change daily and come in three choices. They all include a main dish, rice, miso soup and a salad. They range from around ¥900 to ¥1100 and for an additional ¥100, each set also comes with a drink. Lunch finishes at 3:30pm but if you find yourself in need of a mid afternoon snack, the delicious homemade cakes and other seasonal goodies will definitely please your sweet tooth! One bite of the cheesecake and you’ll easily understand why they became known for it. I would fail to do it justice describing it here. Dinner starts from 6pm and offers more home-cooked comfort food, my personal favorites are the ginger pork and the dry curry rice. A decent selection of alcohol is also available for those thirsty folk.   


Abanico is located about a 5 minute walk from Midosuji Shinsaibashi Subway Station across from the police station on the corner of Triangle Park.

〒542-0086, Osaka-shi, Chuo-ku, Nishishinsaibashi, 2-10-27, Mori Building 1F

+ 06-6212-1610


Lunch 12-3:30pm

Tea 3:30-6pm

Dinner 6-11pm

Good To Know

Like most places in Japan, Abanico allows smoking. For those who are sensitive to smoke, keep in mind that the cafe itself is small and doesn’t have the best ventilation. English menus are available. The staff are very friendly and willing to help.

For a full menu you can visit the Abanico website