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Yellow stripes, polka dots and kawaii! Cute culture has its own restaurant! I was psyched to find out that one of my favorite Sanrio characters, Gudetama, had its very own café in Umeda that I just had to find someone to go with.

If you’re not familiar with Gudetama, here is a rundown on the character. Gudetama is famous for being one of the laziest characters of Sanrio. One of his most famous lines is, “Ah…darii”, meaning, “meh…” in Japanese. He charms his way into the hearts of fans by flashing his cute little butt cheeks, while occasionally cracking jokes (see what I did there?… hehe). His name comes from a combination of the Japanese words; Gudé Gudé, an onomatopoeic verb that describes an unmotivated person’s movements, and a Tamago, meaning egg.

This pastel yellow café is located near Osaka Station on the 7th floor of HEP FIVE. From there it is easy to find, as you won’t be able to miss all the cutesy images of the Gudetama that line the storefront. Once inside prepare to be overwhelmed with cuteness! (I couldn’t even begin to count how many times I squealed ‘cuteeeee…’ over the course of my time there.) Upon entering the cafe, my friend and I were greeted with a welcoming sculpture of a Gudetama and as well as several other Gudetama images along the walls. When seated, we were happy to find a stuffed Gudetama waiting to laze around with us at our table. Although our seats were normal, as I looked around the shop I saw that some seats were egg shell shaped! Next time, I will definitely be requesting the eggshells. For those customers needing even more Gudetama, there is a ceiling mounted TV that plays episodes of the animated series on loop. This café is Gudetama galore!

The Menu

This café serves a variety of desserts, main dishes like omelets, latte art drinks and shakes.

What We Ate

I ordered the “Amayakashite Kasutera Anmitsu” (¥1,200+tax) with Oolong Tea (of course in a Gudetama mug! ¥450+tax), my friend had the “GudeMango Lassi” (¥800+tax). I loved the anmitsu, but I felt the kasutera was too sweet for me. The lassi was amazing!

Opinions & Tips

I definitely recommend this café to readers who love Sanrio characters or for those traveling with small children.

It’s important to note that Gudetama Café is pretty busy during the day, so you may have to wait a bit if you plan on going during peak hours.  We went on a Sunday night and it was miraculously line-free. If you have the chance to stay longer in Umeda, stop by for dessert after 7pm to avoid the long line.

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Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Kita-ku, Kakuda-cho 5-15  HEP FIVE 7F


11:00am-10:30pm (Last order is at 10:00pm)