Minoh Insect Museum

Minoh Insect Museum

Halfway on the walk up to Minoh waterfall we happened across the Minoh Insect Museum. The exterior of the building really isn’t much to behold compared to all the other beautiful traditional buildings in the area and nothing particularly stands out or welcomes you in. We decided however, not to judge a book by its cover and paid the very reasonable ticket fee of ¥270 to enter.


As we went midday on a weekday, we weren’t expecting the place to be crowded but we were both a little shocked to be the only visitors. The museum section is quite small and is filled with what you would expect to find in a small town museum. The facility is designed to be educational and focuses mainly on teaching children about the 10,000 types of insects and 30 varieties of butterflies that are housed within. We passed through the insect
section relatively quickly as we were both just really excited to get to the butterfly pavilion.


Although the actual atrium space isn’t very large, the lofty glass ceiling and the fact we were the only ones there made the space feel surprisingly open when compared to the narrow museum rooms leading up to it. Once inside, we were both pretty excited to be surrounded by a variety of fluttering butterflies. Seeing plenty of photo and video opts we both pulled out our cameras and attempted (mostly in vain) to do justice to the softly lit, flower-filled space.


After about half an hour and countless photos, we decided to get back to our real mission, the waterfall. Overall, the Minoh Insect Museum was a fun little detour on our walk around the town. Would I make a special trip to Minoh just to visit the museum?… No, probably not. But if you’re in the area and have the time it’s definitely worth checking out at least once.


10am – 5pm
Closed Tuesdays


Admission for adults and high school students is ¥270.  Children 12 and under and International Students with a valid student ID get in free.


Good To Know
The museum does offer its foreign tourists a small English pamphlet that describes some aspects of the facility. However, all the main descriptions placards found inside the museum are only in Japanese.


The nearest railway station is Minoh Station on Hankyu Railways. After exiting the station, walk in the direction of the mountains (this is the same road that will lead you to Minoh Park and the waterfall). Follow this road uphill into the park to where the road makes a sharp turn to the right, the Insect Museum will be directly in front of you.